From Coast to Coast with a lot in-between....

Chef Barry Wildman began his career cooking in an unlikely place, aboard the Ice Breaker Mackinaw, in the United States Coast Guard. During his tenure in the service, Chef Wildman created food in some of the most challenging places.  On the remote island of Attu, the last island in the Aleutian island chain, Chef Wildman cooked for a crew of fifteen with a plane delivering supplies once every two weeks.  Aboard a river tender on the Mississippi river, Chef Wildman sourced and cooked the local creole cuisine of Baton Rouge while traversing the muddy Mississippi River in 105 degree summer days. During the hurricanes of 2005, Chef Wildman found himself in the Florida Keys as the only cook on Key West that had not been evacuated. Chef Wildman cooked for over two hundred first responders until the roadways were cleared and safe for travel. These experiences set the foundation for Chef Wildman's ability to cook quality food in almost any environment and location.


Upon finishing his tour in the United States Coast Guard, Chef Wildman continued his culinary training at the Culinary Institute of America.  At the CIA, Chef Wildman's passion for the culinary arts found a solid footing and he went on to finish at the top of his class, graduating with high honors. 


Upon graduation, Chef Wildman went to work in Napa Valley for Elaine Bell Catering, the premier caterer in the wine country.  Here Chef Wildman immersed himself in the food and wine culture of the region.  Simultaneously working at Elaine Bell Catering and Matanzas Creek winery, Chef Wildman began to understand the importance of food and wine having a sense of place.  


After traveling for most of his life from one end of the country to the other, in 2016 Chef Wildman re-located to the Hampton Roads area.  Here Chef Wildman realized that he had found another area with a culinary sense of place. With it's heritage pork farms, fresh seafood and rich culture, Chef Wildman was inspired to put down roots, start a family and to create Blue Crab and Purple Pig catering.  


From Masters to Masters and a Blog in-between....


Co-owner and Managing Director, Mundia Chitambala has been living in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area for close to 20 years. Upon completion of a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Information Technology, Mundia focused her career on corporate Project Management. 


After completing her educational goals, Mundia finally found the time to indulge her passion for Food, wine and travel.  Her main outlet for expressing this passion for food and wine was a culinary blog she authored.  These weekly expressions for her love of food opened up a world of interacting with other like minded food enthusiasts.  One of these like minded individuals happened to be a talented local Chef. Mundia and Chef Wildman quickly realized they shared a love for the food and wine of the Chesapeake Bay area.


Their combined passion and dedication for excellence led to the creation of Blue Crab and Purple Pig Catering.